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Luxury Outdoor furniture & All Weather Garden Furniture

Here at Verdon Grey, we have built a business on the premise that quality trumps quantity and we are well known for providing some of the most desirable luxury outdoor furniture. Outdoor luxury may seem like an oxymoron but we believe that our range proves that the outdoors can be made to be incredibly luxurious.

Far too often outdoor get togethers are uncomfortable and cramped affairs that are nowhere nearly as enjoyable as they should be. Here at Verdon Grey we are committed to bringing the luxury and comfort of the indoors, outside with our range of luxury outdoor furniture. 

Unfortunately in Britain, predictable and clement weather is not something that we are blessed with. Thankfully as well as luxurious, our furniture is also designed to stand up to the harshest of weather conditions. All of our all weather garden furniture can withstand the worst that Blighty can throw at it.

This excellent resilience doesn’t even come at the cost of outstanding design and no matter which of our all weather garden furniture sets you choose you and your guests will be blown away by its beauty. Whether you are looking for traditional solid wood or something a little more modern such as glass or metal they will always stand the test of taste as well as time.

Verdon Grey is coming indoors

We have added a range of Lloyd Loom conservatory furniture to our range. These chairs and highstools are equally at home in the kitchen and dining room. All come in a choice of colours, hand painted in the UK with two options of wood effect finish on the legs.

Verdon Grey also offers a range of fully washable seat cushions tailored to fit each chair.

Luxury Outdoor furniture & All Weather Garden Furniture

Here at Verdon Grey, we are specialists in providing garden furniture that is of real substance for those that value quality. All of our luxury and contemporary garden furniture is made to the highest of standards and is sure to stand up well against even the worst weather. Far from requiring regular maintenance, our luxury garden furniture is intended to be left out and enjoyed all year round, with minimal maintenance you will see years of service from all of the items that we offer.

Whether you are going for a classic look to suit a more natural garden or something a little bolder for a sculpted modern garden, we are sure to have exactly what you need. With classic solid wood furniture for a rustic feel as well as rattan, glass and steel you can be sure that we are our one stop shop when it comes to garden furniture.

Luxury is of course something that is most noticeable when felt and indeed sometimes things deceive with a luxurious look and tacky feel. Be assured though that all of our luxury garden furniture is made to be hardy and comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Luxury Lloyd Loom Furniture from Verdon Grey

Come indoors with our luxury Lloyd Loom furniture is hand finished in the UK to offer you a choice of sophisticated, satin finish paint colours. We can also paint to the colour of your choice beside holding a stock palette with a choice of leg finishes. Each chair has a choice of cushion options.


Verdon Grey's experienced global sourcing and buying team has carefully selected luxury outdoor furniture and all weather garden furniture ranges from our best suppliers. Our designers have co-ordinated each set to give a very different look and feel. We also give you the freedom to mix and match the pieces as you please.

All our chairs are fully assembled and our tables will have their tops fitted by our expert delivery and fitting teams in your own garden or home.

Historically, our business has worked with the most discerning and demanding customers in the hospitality industry.  Now you can you reap all the benefits of our expertise and experience.


We have a passionate team, whose mission is to bring to the public, what the 5 star hotels, top spas and high class resorts have had access to for years – sophisticated looking, superior performing, luxury outdoor furniture and all weather garden furniture that is designed and constructed for regular use and to enhance any location.

There is no restriction on which items you can combine to achieve the look you want.

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