arc dining set

The arc dining set has a contemporary look with a retro feel.   The rounded corners of both the chairs and table mirror one another in a very pleasing way and give the set a very modern, minimalist feel.   In tones of grey, they work well together and will sit happily in any setting.   Made in up to the minute technical materials, this set looks good and can be left outside all year round, with virtually no maintenance.

The arc dining set comprises the arc dining table and arc dining armchairs.  The arc table accomodates 4 to 8 arc chairs.

arc chair

arc chair   £388.00

The arc chair is light and breathable, soft and supportive at the same time. A lightweight but robust, curved frame is sheathed in pale grey Textilene, an all weather textile that requires minimal maintenance. You can move this super light tub style chair around the garden effortlessly.  It comes with a matching Textilene seat cushion for added comfort. 

arc table

arc table   £1,495.00

The arc table offers pure style, combining contemporary and retro seamlessly. The clean, rounded lines and smooth, corner curves create a timeless classic. A most versatile design that will accommodate 6 to 8 of our dining chairs. With warm grey powder coated aluminium legs and a high tech, high spec weatherproof black top, this table offers terrific performance and no maintenance beyond a wipe clean before use.   This stylishly modern looking table can be used equally well, inside or out.

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