6 Seater Garden Furniture & 8 Seater Garden Furniture

Choosing garden furniture is a difficult decision and the most important decision of all has to be over the centre piece of it all, the table and chair set. You want something that is of the highest quality that is also comfortable, well look no further than our range of 6 and 8 seater garden furniture.

One of the most common problems at garden parties, barbecues and outside events in gardens up and down the country is not having enough space at the table. Buy a table that is too small and people get fidgety, there is nowhere to put your drink and it is not a recipe for a relaxed and enjoyable occasion. Thankfully, here at Verdon Grey we have a range of 6 seater garden furniture as well as 8 seaters for those larger occasions.

All of these furniture sets are generously sized and it is not only possible to seat 6 or 8, it is comfortable to do so. Our chairs are sumptuously comfortable and ensure that no one is perched uncomfortably at the table. Speaking of the table, don’t expect to be short of room, whether you opt for a 6 or 8 seater garden furniture set you are sure to have room for food and drinks galore.

Couple this accommodating design with their excellent aesthetics and you really can’t go wrong with one of our garden furniture sets. Whether you are looking for a crisp and clean modern look or something a little more classic such as a solid wood, look no further, our range is sure to have everything that you require.

For those wanting smaller or larger sets or even odd numbers of chairs with their tables we can accomodate your request. We hold stock of 4, 10 and 12 seater options also.

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