Your Furniture vs Summer Sun

Your Furniture vs Summer Sun

June 25, 2015

Our luxurious all weather garden furniture can withstand even the most British of British weather, but sometimes garden furniture needs a little bit of love to maintain its glory.

With the aforementioned British weather being as unpredictable as, well, British weather, it becomes a patio furniture owner’s duty to understand their furniture’s needs and make sure that all care is taken to ensure it survives for many years. Whilst every care is taken to make sure your new furniture can handle what summer has to throw at it, the quick switches between pseudo-intense heat and chilly nights won’t be doing your furniture’s longevity any favours.

The popularity of summer’s warm embrace is widespread, and as such you and the rest of the outdoor-furnitured nation will no doubt intend on spending a great deal of your summer outside in your garden. Be that with friends, hosting the party of the year or relaxing on your own with a book, your furniture will no doubt play a big part in your summer plans; so show it some respect!


Keep it Clean

As you would expect, the mode of cleaning will vary depending on the type of furniture, as well as depending heavily on its material. Vacuuming or simply brushing your furniture are basic techniques of removing dirt, leaves or mud, with the extra application of soap and water polishing off the job. Where soap and water work, as would a hose, be mindful of wetting fabrics as you run the risk of your furniture becoming a haven for mould, although the summer heat will aid in allowing your cushions to dry out. If your furniture does come face to face with mould, a nylon brush and a determined 5 minutes will help to remove the most part.


Protect Cushions

Fabric protector can be applied to cushions in order to keep them protected against the sun’s rays. Cushions and other fabrics have a tendency of reacting negatively to the sun in that they fade or look bleached by the heat. Make sure you apply the fabric protector in a well ventilated area, as they contain chemicals. If unsure, wear gloves and a mask regardless to protect yourself against any harm.


Protect Furniture

Useful protection against the outdoor’s penchant for furniture deterioration can come in the form of UV-resistant and water-repellent protection. Like the fabric protector, these will inevitably contain chemicals, so when you are applying them consider the ventilation as well as protection in the form of gloves or mask. A handy tip to protect your iron or aluminium furniture frames is to simply apply a layer of car wax. This helps to protect the metal from rust as well as any furniture-hungry UV rays.



This may seem obvious, but the amount of furniture left outside to fend for itself is considerable. Storing your furniture when it has served its purpose is an excellent way of preserving your furniture and prevents excess water or heat attacking its delicate surface. Waterproof covers, sheds or garages are excellent ways of protecting your furniture, and whilst it may be impractical to constantly pack it away and get it out again daily, we would suggest you put it away when you know it won’t be getting use for a substantial amount of time.

At Verdon Grey furniture is very much our business, so we feel preservation of our summer pals is key to our and their future enjoyment of summer. It’s all too easy to be negligent of your furniture during the summer months, but if you care for it in the short term, you will benefit exponentially in the long term.

If you are looking for new furniture to while away your summer on or are simply seeking advice on which furniture would best suit your needs, contact us on 01284 812000 and speak to one of our friendly team of experts, and let us help you get the most out of the summer sun.

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