Get Green: 5 Easy Gardening Tips For The Sunshine Season

Get Green: 5 Easy Gardening Tips For The Sunshine Season

May 28, 2015

When it comes to lazy nights, warm days and relaxing vibes, summer is the ultimate season, but creating a garden space that you'll love throughout can take a little preparation and careful planning.

Late spring is the perfect time to put on your gardening gloves and get green in the creation of a beautiful outdoor space. After all, where's better to relax with a good book or chill on the weekend than in the comfort of your very own, and very beautiful garden?

Maybe you're already sat in your  all weather garden furniture from Verdon Grey, surrounding by a perfectly finished garden and waiting for the sun, but if you haven't even started yet – here are a few handy gardening tips to get your garden in the summer mood. Enjoy.

Give It A Clean!

The winter months, rotten leaves and hard-wearing elements can often leave decking or patio areas marked. So, be sure to scrub them clean with water, making sure you blast away any slippery mould, dirt and stains. Once finished, you'll be left with a natural and beautifully clean floor that'll transform your outdoor space instantly.

Tidy Up

Have a gander round your garden, and take in all the little things you'd like to fix up before the summer. Make a list, and aim to complete one or two of these tasks each week. These jobs may be raking up dead leaves, disposing of any unwanted or rotten garden furniture, fixing loose fence panels or cleaning bird feeders and garden decor. Whatever your aim, you'll soon start to feel an enormous achievement once your summer-ready garden starts to take shape!

Maintain The Greenhouse

Prepare your greenhouse or potting shed, making sure to nurture any delicate little seedlings. Remove any shades, clean the glass and clear out cobwebs to allow as much natural light in as possible. Whatever the size of your greenhouse or potting shed, cleaning and preparing the potting area will give your lovely seedlings the best chance this summer.

Invite The Wildlife And Protect Your Plants

Rather than covering your garden in chemical pest-deterrent, take the time to hunt down and remove larvae and snails by hand, checking under leaves and in last year's pots.

When it comes to inviting natural predators into your garden, create a welcoming habitat to ladybirds, frogs, birds and hedgehogs. Create barriers around the base of plants, such as crushed eggshells which slugs do not like, and mix-up a bag of natural bug deterrent spray, including onion peels and garlic steeped in water. These will keep bugs away from your plants, but will not damage plants or harm other garden wildlife.

Turn It Into Compost

Compost is a gardener's best friend, so always try to put all leaves, grass cuttings and pruned branches in a compost bin. Be sure to chop up the hard wood to help break it down.

Here at Verdon Grey, we understand the importance of creating a harmonious garden environment that you and your family can enjoy, season after season. For more information on any of our stunning outdoor furniture ranges, or to speak to our friendly and helpful team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 01284 812000 today!

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